Carmen Aalbers with Pere Montaña and Ton Estapé

Terrassa, with its urban system, is one of the eleven european cities that participate in the project SPIMA: an ambitious study that aims to analyze the features of each territory with regard to the planning strategic and management of themes cross in all the area. A few days ago, a researcher from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands), Carmen Aalbers, visited Terrassa to start the second phase of the project with five interviews with different actors who were able to make their contributions in their idea of metropolitan area from different perspectives and themes. The dutch university is giving shape to a study that seeks to identify the policies that allow better territorial cohesion and see what are the possibilities of each territory, with a vertical or horizontal dimension, and also taking into account the uniqueness of a territory very close to a big city like Barcelona.
The five interviews were with Mr. Pere Montaña (specialized in planning and urban development); Mr. Manuel Pérez (educational and social); Mrs. Dolors Puig (university and knowledge); Mr. Ignasi Cusidó (business) and Mr. Ignasi Giménez (politician). Mr. Ton Estapé, chief of the planning urban of the city of Terrassa was also during the interviews.
The Urban System of Terrassa includes Sant Cugat del Vallès, Rubí, Sant Quirze del Vallès, Vacarisses, Viladecavalls, Castellbisbal, Matadepera, Ullastrell, Rellinars i Sant Llorenç Savall, in an area of 348 km2. Other European cities participating in the project SPIMA are: Prague, Vienna, Lille, Brno, Turin, Lyon, Brussels, Zurich, Oslo and Akhersus.

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