Picture by Carlos Sánchez in Hvar, Croatia

Four friends watching the stars a summer night on the island of Hvar, in Croatia. This is the photo that has won the first prize in the #Friends4Europe contest that was launched last April. The photo has stood out among more than 500 that have been featured in the contest and that illustrate the EU’s motto “United in diversity”.
Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme of the European Union, the representation of the European Commission in Barcelona asked the young people to send a picture with friends from all over. More than 500 young people responded to the call with images that are the reflection of a generation, the Erasmus generation, that lives and moves in a Europe without borders and has friends who speak different languages.

Picture of Laura in Denmark

Carlos Sanchez, @Caroluuuus on Instagram, is the winner of the first prize and blows a note of interrail for two people. The photo was made in Croatia, on the island of Hvar, with four friends looking at the stars on a clear August night. The two finalists have been Laura (@laura. cab) with a photo taken in Denmark and Jacobo Durán (@jacobodurandt), with a photo in Kotor, Montenegro, during a trip with friends that began in Austria and went through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. The two finalists will receive an instant camera Instax.

Picture of Jacobo Durán in Kotor

In the choice of the winning photographs has participated the press team of the representation of the European Commission in Barcelona, responsible for marketing and social networks of Interrail and the youtuber Julen Hernandez.

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