Smart Energy in Terrassa: Energy Efficiency, Smart Manegement and Mobility

Terrassa is one of the 5 Spanish cities that will receive Technical Assistance by EEEF (European Energy Efficiency Fund) to support project development activities for the energy efficiency programmes to help to achieve 20/20/20 goals. Technical Assistance aims at developing the potential of public authorities to accelerate their investments in the fields of renewable energy, clean urban transportation and energy upgrades of the public infrastructure and at presenting the projects at a later stage to eeef for financing. The public authorities have elaborated comprehensive investment programmes embracing various measures in total reaching €100m that are to be launched for public tender in the cause of the next year. The renovations are scheduled to start from the mid of 2014 onwards. The authorities plan to conduct renovation of up to 100,000 street lighting points and generate 7,942Mwh in renewable energy for own use. The CO2 savings resulting from the energy efficient renovations are estimated to reach more than 25,000tons per year.

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