On 3rd and 4th April EUROCITIES network and the City Council of Terrassa, as host city, will organize a seminar about metropolitan areas with the participation of representatives from the cities of Zurich, Preston, Warsaw, Rennes, Oslo, BrabanStad, Lille, Grenoble, Brno and Bratislava.

The seminar is part of the work that the city of Terrassa and its Urban System (whose cities also are going to participate) are developing in the Metropolitan Areas Working Group of the Economic Development Forum of EUROCITIES.
Projects about territorial cooperation, cohesion policy and governance policy in metropolitan areas will be discussed.

The 25th March the mayors from the municipalities of the Urban System met to firm up the details of the seminar and aproved the report of 2013.140325 sistema urbà Terrassa prèvia Eurocities-3

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