Q-Placements.net is a European host companies’ network for the
promotion of international workplace training for IVET students and

To present the results of the project, that is finishing this year 2014, they organised the final conference the 19th September in Brussels.

The director of the Chamber of Commerce, who led the project in collaboration with Terrassa City Council, presented the conclusions of the activities organised by the network.

The consortium is composed by 13 partners from 10 countries,
covering an area of 747 IVET schools, 228.586 IVET students and
733.488 companies.
The network’s members are coordinating organizations bringing a
critical mass of high quality host companies. At our seem, this is
one of the best ways to put trainees/apprentices and host
companies from different and distant countries in contact, to raise
awareness, to facilitate mobilities, to ensure quality and to follow
up, acting as coordinating organizations for both sending trainees
and for receiving foreign ones to be hosted at local companies.


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