Sentilo, the platform sensors and actuators based on open source, is designed to fit into the Smart City architecture of any city whose aim cross-sectorial cooperation and interoperability. Sentilo is built with the support of a diverse and active community of cities and companies , who believe that the use of open standards and free software are basic elements for a city to become a Smart City.

Function block diagram

Sentilo Terrassa established event management layer between devices distributed throughout the city and municipal services management applications.

Sentilo grafic angles

In line with the high-level objectives defined (facilitating the flow of information between municipal managers to generate new services to citizens), the data published by Sentilo Terrassa, can be used with applications of internal management of municipal services that implanted devices, other internal services for which the data generated add value, companies, organizations and the general public.

According to the Smart City strategy contained in the Smart City Terrassa Master Plan, the need for collaboration is collected with universities, research centers, companies, associations and citizens, which should actually be protagonists of the transformation into a Smart City Terrassa.

Viewer module

Sentilo Terrassa is mainly a real-time data dispatcher of data coming from the territory towards applications designed to manage them. However, for the management of components and sensors installed, not least, to facilitate understanding and implementation of the solution, is essential to have a viewer that allows us to obtain information directly linked to the data managed.

Currently, the platform offers three possible viewers:

• A universal viewer showing the static and dynamic components without traceability.
• A viewer of routes for dynamic mobile components, incorporating the route carried out according to the last point of geo-positioning informed.
• A viewer of the traffic that reports the level of service at any moment of main roads of the city.

Sentilo planol 1Sentilo planol 2Sentilo planol 3



Early implementations

On Sentilo Terrassa, has been implemented in the first instance the integration of the following data sources:

• Waste collection service (using lateral system).
• Monitoring energy consumption.
• Level of occupancy of parking “indoor”.
• Manage fleet of Management of Public Space Service.
• Traffic.

Over the coming months, will integrate new services and sensors, major and which are already under study, are:

• Management of irrigation
• Control of air pollution.
• Control the lighting.
• Sound level meters installed in the city.
• Fleet management of street cleaning vehicles.
• Gauging Counters
• Fleet management of Urban Transport.
• Management of the water cycle.

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