The municipal company Eco Equip S.A.M., responsible for cleaning and waste collection in Terrassa, has renovated partially systems and infrastructure to cope with the increase in quantity and complexity of the fractions to remove and manage.

To do this, Eco Equip has acquired three vehicles adapted for lateral collection containers and installed throughout the city, more than a thousand new large capacity trash can of the current four main fractions: waste, glass, paper and packaging.

sentilo_contenidor1 sentilo_contenidor2 sentilo_contenidor3 sentilo_contenidor4

All these containers incorporate a RFID, the arm lift vehicle collection reads while performing the process dump.


The entire collection system is managed through a technological solution of the company Boreal-IT ( Thanks to an embedded device, you get the geo-positioning of vehicles and data transmission, such as dump a container.

The Boreal-IT solution monitors and improves the collection service performed by Eco Equip, as the system sends real-time data to Sentilo Terrassa for publication and easy access.

During the first collection path of the vehicles, the containers are registered in Sentilo Terrassa.


From that moment, every time a lorry performs the following collected services, data are incorporated in the platform, preserving historical information service.


With the viewer of routes, we know the position of the vehicle and the route made recently.

sentilo_contenidor8 sentilo_contenidor9









With this viewer of routes, you can publish the location of any municipal vehicle fleet. We are currently informing the positioning of the waste collection lorry and gardening vehicles of Management of Public Space Service.

sentilo_contenidor_aGardening Vehicles

sentilo_contenidor_bTrash lorry


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