Such as process improvement public, access to operation information of municipal services through the channels open to citizens, can assess their effectiveness and efficiency.

The municipal company Eco Equip S.A.M. manages the collection of municipal waste, and through Sentilo Terrassa provides interesting information to foster transparency. One of the main objectives of this platform is to facilitate the flow of information between municipal managers, to generate new services to citizens.

In Terrassa, we provide municipal services data directly and in real time through the activation of a specific layer on the map of the city, available on the website:

Cartography and Population Service manages the map of Terrassa, which also provides access to other related information, such as location of equipment, street furniture, hospitals, etc.



Currently, already it integrated information related to two very different areas:

  • As part of the TEI (Terrassa Energia Intel·ligent) project, you can access the data of energy consumption: power and (active and reactive) energy of 21 facilities (mainly primary schools) on which it is currently performing energy audits. When the initial phase (about a month) ends, you can access energy data of 67 municipal facilities of all kinds: educational, sports, cultural, offices, etc.








In every equipment has been installed an energy manager of the EDS series supplied by the company Circutor (, with a network analyzer CVM and, depending on the availability of the gas boiler, a pulse generator counter.


While this information is sent to the municipal energy management platform, among other things, to validate billing supply companies, also is published on the map for citizenship.
  • Linked to municipal waste collection service, the map of the city has a specific layer where you can get information of when there have been recent collected every containers placed across the city. In the selection panel you can choose one or more fractions of the four available: rest, glass, paper and packaging. Then, the map shows all containers of the chosen type available in the city. And finally, in the same way as in the case of energy information of the facilities, you can select and access specific data linked to collection.
sentilo_planol_05 sentilo_planol_06
Over the coming months, we will proceed to incorporate new sensors expand the map information of the city.
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