Within the scope of action of the Pla director Smart City Terrassa are the irrigation management and the Sentilo Terrassa project.
In the Parc de Sant Jordi and the green area Plaça Freixa i Argemí, just to the east entrance of the park, a new smart irrigation management has been introduced.
It is about a system that in a autonomous, centralized and remote, taking into account the weather context and water consumption, allows to manage irrigation scheduling needed by different sectors of both green areas and possible future extents to the rest areas of the city.
REg_2The solution is articulated on three levels:
• Physical facilities: Irrigation controllers supplied by the company SAMCLA ( with an interface that make them remotely reprogrammable, rain sensor connected to irrigation controllers, flowmeters in the rush of water connected to the Sentilo Terrassa platform, etc.
• Sentilo Terrassa platform: Ready to receive and publish information from sensor and send orders to the irrigation equipment.
• Multi-park irrigation management application developed by OpenTrends ( that subscribe to sensor data published in Sentilo Terrassa and also through this platform sends program changes, the specific risks, or any other order to irrigation equipment.
The new smart irrigation system allows us to have accurate information on the consumption of water, adjusting to the needs of each of the irrigated areas.
In line with the objectives of the Sentilo Terrassa platform, the new system will allow the integration of irrigation equipment from other manufacturers to integrate their product with Sentilo Terrassa.
All system information is published in Sentilo Terrassa and will be used internally by other Services, such as consumption control and billing of water, and in the future will be open to the public, via the City Open Data platform.
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