In July the Ple Municipal de Terrassa approved the proceedings for awarding the contract energy management services for public lighting, interior lighting and renewable (TEI project).It is an innovative project that has some features that go beyond lighting. The new is in: the contract, savings, management and technology. The approach turns around the new tender management service lighting – of the city, inside municipal buildings and renewable energy generation. The project includes a major investment to generate energy savings but not mean an increase in the level of indebtedness of the City transferring operational risk to the contractor who will recover the investment as a function of the generation of the anticipated savings. The project plans that with a total investment of 14,512,860.76 € it will generate economic savings of 1,307,223.17 €/year and energy savings of 11.791 MWh/year and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 3,975.5 Tn/year.

fanal_ramblaIn this blog post we believe interesting to highlight and advertise what are the improvements that it entails:

  • Upgrading the public lighting platform and deployment of management and monitoring platforms of public lighting.

The TEI project will involve uniformity of LED technology in the city, bringing more intensity, lower consumption and maximum sustainability. The intensity and quality of light together with monitoring of its global operating system will increase the capacity of detection, regulation of light intensity and reduce the time required to resolve incidents.

  • Renovation of the interior lighting System.

The system of interior lighting in 82 buildings will be changed, so following a criteria of sustainability, prioritizing the replacement of most used lights, LED systems will be installed to generate significant savings in energy costs of equipment. Moreover, in order to reduce the incidence of reactive energy and causing bill penalties, capacitor banks will be installed in the buildings affected.

  • Having an energy information system.

The new energy information system will allow to adjust the power contracted really necessary and unify the rush of energy equipment and control panels for lighting. By this way the spending to the consumption can be adjusted and any abnormal billing can be controlled. The first thing to do for saving is to really know when and how much is consumed.

  • Implement or advance renewable energy generation and photovoltaics.

In some municipal and public facilities with an appropriate profile of energy use for the utilization of solar energy, will be installed photovoltaic power generation plants for own consumption. Five schools (Escola Ponent, Escola Isaac Peral, Escola Ramon y Cajal, Escola Sant Llorenç, Escola El Vallés) had been selected and seven municipal buildings (BCT, S.C. Ajuntament, Panta20, Teatre Principal, Teatre Alegria, Edifici Glòries, Edifici Funerària).

  • Extend the municipal computer network to build an infrastructure backbone that will prepare the city for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Since the optical fiber connection to the municipal network, a subset of 412 dashboard lighting, Terrassa will have adequate cover for the development of the Internet of Things IoT, building by the way the main Smart city technologies in the city.

In short, it has been over two years since the project was presented and to implement it gradually also involve a certain period of time. This transition will have to execute works, prepare facilities, enable new lights and manage partnerships with phone companies. During the first year of the term of the contract will be made investments and improvements and renovation of the facilities. Certainly the vision of the short-term inconveniences and costs of the works prevents us visualize the progress and benefits of long-term and in the case of TEI are many.

To date 5 October was the closing date for submission of bids for energy service companies interested to be awarded with the TEI project in all its areas. It is expected that in early 2017, start the implementation phase of improvements that will generate energy savings and emissions from its set up.

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