Within the scope of action of the Pla director Smart City Terrassa are the Plànol de la ciutat and the Sentilo Terrassa project.

Sentilo Siloe

One of the contents offered at the Plànol de la ciutat is Sentilo Terrassa where until now we had information on containers, network analyzers and meteorological sensors, and where now will be added information about sweepers.
Usually the Smart City solutions offered by companies have two characteristics that give them the feature of silo: no data intersect each other (closed) and each system has its own vertical (devices – exchange platform – software). Sentilo Terrassa is the platform where they can cross, in the same format known to everybody, data and orders between any device and software.
Companies in order to adapt and expand markets have started to open their silos in the sense that their devices became to know how to send data and receive orders, to and from, Sentilo Terrassa in the established format. Also its software, expanding its functionality, has begun to give service with data published at Sentilo Terrassa and provided by devices of others.


The project presented here is one of the first cases in which data provided by the platform Sentilo Terrassa is not displayed directly but data from two sensors (GPS positioning and change of status of the sweeper) City Council services have elaborated software that generate maps with the week, month and year routes swept by a first vehicle sensorized for this purpose.
The system is collecting data from mid-February 2016, thus during 2016 the selection of annual data will represent only the realized until this date up. As the municipal company EcoEquip incorporates sensors in other mechanical sweepers, will obtain direct and reliable information about swept streets with this technology and overall performance of the Service. One of the main objectives of introducing Smart technologies, in the operation of Municipal Services is to provide direct information on its operation to the citizen, to increase knowledge and in parallel their valuation.

Sentilo Smart Cities TerrassaSentilo Smart Cities Terrassa

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