Smart City Expo World Congress is held in Barcelona from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th November and it provides a unique meeting spot for smart city sectors and an innovative platform for urban action worldwide.

Ajuntament de Terrassa takes part in Smart City Expo World Congress in order to talk about our Smart City project to build a resilient city able to assess, plan and act to prepare for and respond to all hazards –sudden and slow-onset, expected and unexpected.

On Monday 12th November Smart City projects manager of Ajuntament de Terrassa, Albert Marin, took part in Smart Cities Breakfast held by Enertic to discuss about the projects that are being carried out and the most innovative solutions for energy savings in Smart Cities.

On Wednesday 14th November at 1pm in Diputació de Barcelona stand Protecció Civil manager, Maria Vicenta Villar, will introduce “Terrassa Prepared and Resilient” project, which is being developed in Terrassa so that it can become a city more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive.

On Thursday 15th November at 10.30am in AMB stand Albert Marin will introduce “Terrassa Prepared and Resilient”, a Smart City strategy that is merging with a Resilience approach developing new urban platforms to manage data, resilience and energy efficiency. HAZUR is being implemented.

Moreover, in Barcelona Resilient Week Ajuntament de Terrassa will take part in “City perspectives on resilience”, an event to talk about resilience building with international organizations with expertise in urban and risk reduction challenges.
The event will be held in UCLG (Unit Cities and Local Governments).

You can check the whole Smart City Expo World Congress program in its website.


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