After reviewing what the TEI project left us throughout 2019, it is now time to take a look at what the 2020 project will look like now. TEI continues to roll out: LED lights will be installed on all streetlights in the coming months – more than 22,000 have been changed already and another 6,000 are under work – and six new hybrid buses will start operating.

What will also come to light in 2020 is the installation of photovoltaic panels in 13 municipal buildings for energy consumption. At seven of these buildings, works have already been completed: the Ponent, Isaac Peral, Vallès and Ramon y Cajal schools, as well as the Alegria theater, the Funeraria de Terrassa (municipal funeral establishment) and the District 4 Library.

Further on, there are two facilities where these panels are already being installed: the Civic Center of Montserrat, Torre-Sana i Vilardell and the Bisbat d’Ègara school, specifically in the Primary education building, and before Easter some more buildings will have the solar panels installed: the municipal sports center of Sant Llorenç and the Municipal School of Music.

Initially, the project envisaged the installation of 15 plants, with a projected production of 897,000 kWh/year, the electricity consumed by an average of 300 homes over the course of a year. After an in-depth analysis of all the roofs, there will finally be 13 facilities, which will not only be self-sufficient but also will benefit the nearby facilities.

As of now, about 1,200 PV panels have been installed, out of a total of 1,545, which are expected to be completed and commissioned in March.

This is another step in the pioneering initiative of the TEI project, as part of the Terrassa Smart City strategy, which plans to save 17 million kWh each year and reduce CO2 emissions by 6,000 tons; all of this, while looking for smart solutions to make Terrassa a greener city and, also, friendlier to its inhabitants.


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