In general, renewable energies, including photovoltaics, are developing at a much faster rate than experts estimate. This is partly due to cost reductions, which make energies such as photovoltaics, in addition to contributing to the fight against climate change, also economically competitive.

Worldwide, the photovoltaic sector is one of the major drivers of the energy transition to clean energies committed to progress and sustainability.

Currently, China is the leader in the deployment of photovoltaic energy, followed by the countries that form the European Union and the USA (according to data from UNEF’s 2021 report).

Photovoltaic in Terrassa

In the city of Terrassa and under the TEI (Terrassa Inteligent Energy in english) project, a series of photovoltaic installations were implemented in different public facilities of the city, such as the City Council, different schools, the funeral complex, etc. These installations were mainly focused on self-consumption but also considered the possibility of injecting part of the energy produced into the grid.

As part of the project, all the facilities were equipped with monitoring systems to verify that the installations are operating correctly. This monitoring also facilitates production and self-consumption data.

This information has been made accessible to all citizens through the TEI project portal (link to In this viewer, filtering by “Lighting and photovoltaic elements > Photovoltaic” we can visualize the installations that are currently being monitored in our city.

By clicking on any of them, we obtain information about the energy consumption of the facility. This data, which has been collected periodically since June 2021, allows us to generate dynamic reports that are updated as new information is received.

The energy consumption data provided for each installation are:

– Period (annual, monthly or previous day’s)

– Solar energy generated

– Solar energy exported

– Solar energy self-consumed

– Total grid consumption

– Kgs of CO2 no longer emitted into the atmosphere

– Percentage share of solar energy consumed vs. total energy consumed

In addition, dynamic graphs are generated containing the information segmented by months (for the annual period), days (for the monthly period) and by hours (for the previous day).

Energy information in bar graphs

Another viewing option provided by the platform is through tables; in this format the same information is shown as in the bar charts, but ordered and presented in the form of tables. These tables can be exported by clicking on the “CSV” button found in each report, for the annual, monthly and previous day reports.

Energy information in tables

In addition to managing the photovoltaic installations installed in the city, this platform allows for an exercise in transparency towards citizens by providing this information in a completely open way.

Undoubtedly, renewable energies will continue to grow and photovoltaic energy will be the basis of the new electricity generation capacity worldwide, so betting on this type of energy, and its associated control systems, is a winning bet for the future for both people and the environment.

UNEF’s 2021 report

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