Brussels hosts the exhibition “The treasures of la Seu d’Ègara” from Terrassa

Terrassa is in Brussels showing its most beautiful jewel, the Seu d’Ègara (Romanesque churches). For four months, from December 4th until March 29th 2018, the catalan Government delegation in Brussels hosts the exhibition “Treasures of la Seu d’Ègara” organized by the Terrassa City Council through the service of Culture and with the support of European and International Relations department.

The exhibition consists in 20 panels with images of the monumental ensemble accompanied by explanatory texts that help visitors to learn about the history and the evolution of one of the most important architectural elements and heritage, and representative of Terrassa, Catalonia and Europe. Through this exhibition we want to interpret the evolution of monumental and spread their cultural value and heritage to society as a whole. A compendium of art, history and culture that offers a vision about the evolution of Ègara (Roman name of Terrassa), from its origins in the Iberian and Roman times, passing through successive periods of early medieval, Romanesque, Gothic, and modern to reach the present day.

The show provides an approach to La Seu d’Ègara from the archaeological, architectural and pictorial point of view providing understandable and informative form the different findings linked, first, with the origins of the site, and then, with the set back from the episcopal seat of Ègara. At the same time, it provides visitors the necessary tools to understand and value the importance of the architecture and the paintings belonging to the period of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ègara. In fact, their uniqueness and importance makes that monumental place a candidate to become Unesco World Heritage site. According to the Deputy Mayor of Culture, Innovation and Projection of the City, Amadeu Aguado, “this exhibition in the European capital is an important promotional showcase for the city of Terrassa. We want to disseminate and raise awareness of the heritage value of La Seu d’Ègara on his way to convert the historical monuments on Unesco’s heritage “.

. Place: Catalan Government delegation in the European Union in Brussels. Catalunya Europa Space. 227, Rue de la Loi-Wetstraat (Brussels).

· Organized by: Ajuntament de Terrassa (Terrassa City Council)

. Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, closed. Closed for holidays: from December 25th to January 2nd.

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