The European Comission finances the STICK project with University UAB and Atlètic Terrassa


Atlètic Terrassa promotes a consortium between five hockey clubs and five European universities in order to facilitate the combination of high-level academic and sporting care for students in the framework of exchange programs.

The STICK Project (Sport and Academic Talent Integration through Exchange Programmes in Hockey), funded by the European Commission through the SPORT action of the Erasmus + program, aims to design a program of sports and academic exchange within the framework of the program Erasmus +, looking for a solution to the difficulty of elite athletes and of high performance to participate in an Erasmus mobility without harming their sports career.The project will be carried out by a consortium made up of a total of 10 institutions from 5 European countries where hockey has a great relevance, with a hockey club and a university by country: Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club, coordinator and promoter of the project, and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) by our country; in Belgium, there is the participation of KHC Dragons and the Universiteit Antwerpen; in Holland, Rotterdam HC and Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam; in England, the Beeston HC and the Nottingham Trent University; and, finally, in Ireland, the Pembroke Wanderers with the Dublin City University.

Mireia Galí (Generalitat) introducing STICK on March 6 in a working day about European aid and sports projects

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