A Terrassa student wins a European scientific contest that will allow her to make an expedition to the Arctic

Judith Plaza / Photo: La Torre

A junior high school student at INS Terrassa is the winner of a European competition that, as a prize, has an Arctic expedition. Judith Plaza has achieved this milestone as author of a device that determines the latitude of the earth measuring the magnetic field. You can set the coordinates anywhere on the planet without specifying GPS or satellites.

Judith’s project is one of the six winners of the European Edu-Arctic contest, which had 160 proposals from all over the continent. Judith Plaza and his tutor, technology professor at the center of Terrassa Jordi Escofet, will travel for 15 days in August to the islands of Svardbald, from Norway, with 2,600 inhabitants. Its main feature is that it is the inhabited area (with permanent civil population) located more to the north. There are other settlements further to the north, but with temporary teams of researchers living there.

The Plaza project went through two selection processes, even having to defend it by videoconference in front of university professors and researchers from Poland, Denmark, Norway and the Faroe Islands. Edu-Arctic is a European educational program that aims to attract young students to the study of natural sciences and polar research. EDU-ARCTIC works with innovative practices in science education and provides a program aimed at strengthening this education in schools, with special emphasis on 13 to 20 year olds and their teachers. Among the tools they offer web seminar transmissions (with contents on polar research); a polarpedia, an online encyclopaedia with scientific expressions, educational resources and dictionaries in, at least, 5 European languages; the contest that has won Judith Plaza; workshops for teachers, and a monitoring system for schools to observe and record data of their surroundings.

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