Rome, UNESCO Creative City of Film, proposes a short film contest to illustrate how the ideal city should be

The city of Rome is history, narration and life, and its relationship with the world of cinema goes through the Cinecittà Studios (the largest film studio in Europe) with world-renowned filmmakers (such as Fellini, Rossellini, Leone, Bertolucci, Coppola and Scorsese) that have shot there (more than 3.000 movies have been filmed there), but also through a sector with more than 1.300 companies. On December 11th 2015, Rome was appointed  as a UNESCO Creative City of Film. Cinema, then, is a fundamental part of the city's identity. In addition to Rome, four other Italian cities have this recognition: Bologna for Music, Fabriano for Crafts and Popular Arts, Turin for Design and Parma for Gastronomy.

Rome together with Bradford and Bristol (Great Britain), Sidney (Australia), Galway (Ireland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Busan (South Korea), Bitola (Macedonia), Santos (Brazil), Terrassa (Spain), Lodz ( Poland), Yamagata (Japan) and Qingdao (China) are the UNESCO Creative Cities for Cinema. They are committed to promoting and networking the best experiences gained in the cultural and cinematographic industry, to make Creativity a driving force in their economic development, in local and international contexts, through the interaction between the public and private sectors.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) has also a relationship with policies of sustainable urban development and even a major role in the debate on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Now, in the spirit of continuing to celebrate creative crossroads and collaborate across creative fields, regions and disciplines, Rome proposes a short movies contest. With the name of La città ideale (The ideal city), each participant city have 15 minutes to tell about one or more of the following themes:

The sustainable city

The cosmopolitan city

The ubiquitous multiple city

The city of citizens

The city of knowledge

The city as a stage

The city that creates

The enterprising city

From animation to documentary, each participant can choose any film genre to illustrate his or her point of view on the demand for a contemporary ideal city.

A jury directed by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, composed of film experts and representatives of the Italian Coordination of the UCCN, will select the two best works. The two winning short films will be shown in the pavilion of the Film cluster in Fabriano, during the 2019 Annual Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities.

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