Terrassa will participate in a European project to fight extremism and in another to integrate migrants


Terrassa has been one of the cities chosen to be part of two new European projects. The city, through the department of Security, Public Road and Civil Protection, will participate in the Bridge project, whose main objective is to work to fight the growing extremisms. On the other hand, through the Youth and Citizenship departments, Terrassa will be part of the European project Values ​​to help the integration of newcomers or refugees. Both projects are called by the European Commission, will have the support of the department of European and International Affairs of the City Council of Terrassa and will allow to establish a joint work with up to 22 other European cities, as well as regions and entities.


The Bridge project (Building resilience to reduce polarization and growing extremism) has as its main objective to generate awareness and capacities among local actors to reduce extremism. To do this, the project aims to strengthen local tools for the detection of situations of tension and social unrest, as well as promoting community cooperation initiatives between different public services and private actors to address the issue at the local level. The project includes several entities and regions, as well as the cities of Igoumenitsa (Greece), Charleroi, Leuven and Genk (Belgium), Vaulx-en-Velin (France), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Stuttgart (Germany). The Bridge project in Terrassa will take place between January 2019 and January 2021 and will have a budget of 34,445 euros, of which the European Union will finance 31,000 euros, 90%.


On the other hand, the Values ​​project (Volunteering Activities to Leverage Urban and European Social Integration of migrants) is led by the european network Eurocities and also has the participation of the Councils of Bristol (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brno (Czech Republic), Dusseldorf and Nuremberg (Germany), Oslo (Norway), Ostende (Belgium), Riga (Latvia), Sheffield (United Kingdom), Thessaloniki (Greece), Toulouse (France), Torino and Cesena (Italy) and Zurich (Switzerland). With this project, managed by the Youth and Citizenship departments, we want to enhance the capacity of cities and volunteer organizations to work together and achieve an effective integration of newcomers or refugees. The purpose is to exchange knowledge, expertise and good practices between European cities and volunteer networks through two methodologies: First, the Practice Communities that will gather 16 cities that will work in thematic clusters to exchange, learn and implement ways to work together and through mutual visits. In the case of Terrassa, the visits will be with the cities of Zurich, Sheffield and Ostend. On the other hand, the project also contemplates the Voluntary Exchanges that allow to know how each city works the integration of refugees or newcomers through volunteering.

The total budget of the project is 1 million euros. The Values ​​project in Terrassa will also take place between January 2019 and January 2021 and will have a budget of 24,000 euros, of which 19,000 will be financed by the European Union. More information about the project: New Eurocities project VALUES

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